Applying operations

Operations are used for processing data in Dcipher. Here is how to use them.

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Keywords: applying operations, data processing, data transformations

Dcipher Analytics offers a wide range of operations for processing data. The step-by-step guide below describes how to use them.

Step-by-step guide

1. Open the operations window

To initiate an operation, select the field you want to run the operation on, typically in the Schema workbench, and click the "Add operation" button at the top of the workspace. A window will now open displaying a list of operations under different tabs.

2. Search or browse operation

In the operations window, you can either browse operations under different categories or search for the operation you're looking for. Click the operation you want to apply.

3. Set the parameters

Once you've selected an operation, you will be asked to set the parameters for the operation.

4. Apply operation

Click the "Apply" button to apply the operation. The operation and its output dataset are added to your pipeline and the new dataset is displayed in the Schema workbench.

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