Text length measurement

The Calculate Text Length operation counts the number of letters, digits, spaces, other characters, words, and sentences in text.

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The Calculate Text Length operation generates various measures of text length. Options include number of letters, digits, spaces, other characters, total number of characters, words, and sentences.

Step-by-step guide

1. Open the operation configuration window

Select the text field that you want to apply the operation to in the Schema workbench and click the "Add operation" button at the top of the workspace.

Search for "Calculate Text Length" or find the operation under "Preprocessing & cleaning" and click it.

2. Name the output field

Under "Output field name", type the name of the collection that the text statistics should be inserted into.

3. Specify the units to be counted

Select the desired measures of text length among the following options:

  • Characters: Counts the total number of characters in each text

  • Letters: Counts the number of letters in each text

  • Digits: Counts the number of digits in each text

  • Spaces: Counts the number of spaces in each text

  • Other Characters: Counts the number of characters that are not letters, digits, or spaces

  • Words: Counts the number of words in each text

  • Sentences: Counts the number of sentences in each text

4. Apply the operation

Click "Apply" to run the operation. Text length measures have now been generated and inserted into the output field.

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