Importing data from news media

Access news articles from 100+ countries and import them directly into your project

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Dcipher Analytics offers various sources to mine data, and you to use these datasets in your pipelines. You can import news based on your custom search criteria with this feature without using an extra news scraping tool. This criterion allows you to import news data according to specific keywords, languages, countries, and dates. Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn more about the operation.

Step-by-step guide

1. Create a new project

First, create a new project and choose “New blank project” to start downloading the data.

2. Choose your data source

Choose “Import data from news media” and proceed.

3. Set the search criteria

Define your search criteria after selecting the import news media option. The criteria of news include the keyword/s that you can import according to:

  • All these words/phrases: Enables importing data that contains all of the provided keywords.

  • Any of these words/phrases: Enables importing data that contains at least one of the entered keywords.

Also, you can specify news data by language and country in the following fields.

Lastly, define the time range. The time that historical posts are available is the most recent year.

Click “Find posts” and go to the next step.

4. Import data from news media

Choose the number of news articles you want to import. The number of articles to import might be limited based on your subscription. Then, name your news article dataset file, which will be available in your Files menu after the import is completed and click “Import.”

5. Name your dataset

Give a name to your dataset which will initialize your pipeline in your project and click on “Continue.”

Now, you are ready to use your news articles dataset.

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