Export landscapes as Miro boards

Easily export text landscapes as Miro boards for further collaboration

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Miro is a collaboration tool that offers interactive boards with sticky notes, allowing teams to work together and share ideas in real time. With the Dcipher Analytics-Miro integration, you can easily export your text landscapes from Dcipher and view them as interactive boards on the Miro platform. This integration makes it easy to share and collaborate on your text data with your team, all within a single platform.

To get started with the Dcipher Analytics-Miro integration, simply follow these steps:

1. Login

Login to your Dcipher account.

2. Create or open a project

Follow the instructions to create a new project or open an existing one.

3. Create a landscape

Create a new Scatter plot workbench and drag your text field from the Schema workbench to the Scatter plot's "Document landscape" dropzone.

4. Open Miro Export menu

Find the "More actions" button. Choose the "Export data to Miro" option.

5. Sign in to your Miro account

This action will open a pop-up to connect your Dcipher and Miro accounts. Sign in to your account and choose the Miro team which will get access to the boards created by Dcipher.

6. Configure board settings

Once your accounts are connected, decide on the new Miro board name and select text, label, and coordinate fields.

7. Take a look at your new board!

Click on the "Export" button and wait until your landscape is exported into Miro. You will be redirected to the new Miro board when the new board is created and populated with your text data as sticky notes. You can also access the board by logging in to your Miro account and selecting it from the list of available boards.

8. What's next?

You can now use all of the features of Miro to collaborate with your team on your text data. You can add sticky notes, comments, and other elements to the board to share your thoughts and ideas with your team.

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