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How to integrate a Dcipher Research Bot into your website or application
How to integrate a Dcipher Research Bot into your website or application
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Many organizations have large volumes of reports, articles, and other text-based content that they want to give co-workers or an external audience easy access to.

Dcipher Analytics’ Research Bots can be trained on your organization’s documents or external data and integrated into your website, intranet, or web-based application. This allows your visitors, co-workers, or customers to ask questions and access knowledge along with source references.

Typical use cases

  • Giving audiences easy access to knowledge in your public content

  • Providing co-workers with a tool for pulling out insights from your archives or external data sources more efficiently

  • Offering customers easy access to proprietary knowledge

Delivery formats and outputs

An access token and a code snippet that lets you integrate the chatbot into your website or web-based application.

How much does it cost?

The cost of training the bot is $0.003/unit (e.g., news article). Interacting with the bot is $0.1/request (e.g., asking a question) or $1.0/content summarization request (where the AI runs content analysis and summarizes key topics/themes related to a topic of interest). The content summarization option can be disabled. See our pricing page for more information.

How to train and embed Dcipher Research Bots?

Step 1: Set up a research bot to train on your content or external data

Log into your Dcipher Analytics account, go to “Dcipher Workflows”, and select one of the following workflows for training a research bot depending on the source of interest:

After clicking “Use this workflow”, the wizard guides you through the process of setting up and automating the research bot:

Step 2: Embed the Research Bot into your own web page or web application

Step 3: Track and limit bot usage

To track the usage of the bot, click the “View usage” icon next to the bot in the “Research bot” view. To give each of your users a quota for how many questions they can ask the bot per minute, click the “Settings” icon next to the bot in the “Research bot” view and type the quota under “Enable rate limiter”.

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