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AI-powered news summarization
AI-powered news summarization
Written by Andreas Reibring
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Manually following the news or using traditional news monitoring methods can be time-consuming and overwhelming. With the vast amount of information available from various sources, it becomes challenging to stay updated on all the news relevant to one's interests. Additionally, capturing and making sense of important information in a variety of languages can be challenging. This can result in missing out on important information.

To solve these problems, Dcipher’s AI-powered news summarization workflows help you stay informed and save time by providing concise summaries of the latest news articles and social media posts related to your topics of interest. The workflows can summarize news and social media from a large number of sources and languages.

The AI technology behind the workflows extracts relevant information from the articles and posts, identifies what information is trending, and provides a brief summary with references to the original sources. You can customize your news feeds based on your fields of interest, avoiding information about topics you’re not interested in.

Typical use case

  • Daily or weekly newsletter tailored to your fields of interest based on information in web-based news sources and social media.

Delivery format

The news summaries are delivered in the form of an RSS feed, which you can feed into Outlook, a Teams or Slack channel, or any other system that can read an RSS feed.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the volume of news and social media data to be scanned and summarized. The cost is calculated and displayed in the workflow wizard based on your search criteria.

With our free trial account, you get US$ 50, which is enough for analyzing 25,000 social media posts and 15,000 news articles.

How to set up a news summarization workflow

Step 1: Set up a news summarization workflow

Log into your Dcipher Analytics account, go to “Dcipher Workflows”, and select the news summarization workflow that is right for you based on your desired sources and updating frequency. The following workflows are available:

Click “Use this workflow” and follow the instructions in the workflow wizard. The wizard guides you through the process of setting up the workflow.

To schedule the workflow to run at regular intervals, do the following in the “Trigger” step of the Wizard: select “At scheduled intervals” in the drop-down under “How should this workflow run?” and specify the interval and time when you want the news summarization to be generated.

At the end of the Wizard, click “Run workflow” to start the workflow run and wait for the results to generate. You will get notified by email once your delivery is ready.

Step 2: Get the URL for your news summarization RSS feed

Once the workflow run has been completed, the RSS URL is delivered through an email to your inbox. It is also available when you click the completed workflow in the Workflow view inside the Dcipher Analytics platform and then click the “Open” icon. If you set the workflow to run at scheduled intervals or times, the RSS URL will stay the same over time.

Step 3: Read the RSS feed into your channel of choice

The news summarization feed can be read by various platforms. Below are links to guides on how to input RSS feeds into some common platforms:

There are also many dedicated RSS news feed readers for desktop, smartphone or tablet use, as well as browser extensions. Search for “RSS reader” using your favorite search engine for suggestions.

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